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Friday, June 11, 2010

footie fever!

World Cup 2010 is finally upon us - today's the day!

There're so much excitement here in South Africa, there's exuberance on every street corner and the place is rocking! If ever there was a day when I'd become more excited about soccer than trail running, then today's that day.

And to try and put the energy South Africans have today into words is not something I'd be able to do even half as well as a good friend of mine did this morning. So, I know he won't mind if I crib his words - I just think he put it in a nutshell:

"Goooooooooooal-isimo! No more sleeps! It's finally here! The greatest spectacle in world sport is upon us and the country's bursting with excitement!     Vuvuzelas, guguzelas, kuduzelas, gorgonzolas, makarapas, diski dance, flags fluttering wildly, exuberantly, passionately, from every location imaginable - street poles, buildings, buses, cars, taxis, bikes, trolleys, dustbins, caps, hats - the heartbeat of a miracle nation!    What a sight to behold, experience, enjoy and embrace!  

Thanks Marcel! (",)

Today, more than ever, is a day to be Proudly South African!

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