Temporary delay over, now all systems go

Isn’t it crazy how science has managed to work out how to split the atom, create stem cells, map the human genome, conduct surgery via remote control, and even possibly have achieved a vaccination for HIV... and yet there’s still no cure for the common cold.

And common it is – if anyone in the northern hemisphere is wondering where their flu bugs go during the summer, the answer’s simple: the lurgies fly south. Right now they’re visiting South Africa, pouncing on all who wants them least. We’re in the grips of a particularly chilly winter this year, and the flu bug seems to be spreading like wild fire. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out why colds were named as such!

This year the bug’s got a particularly snotty attitude. I think its first six months of training in the northern hemisphere must’ve made it especially grumpy, and now it’s determined to show us down here just how nasty it can be. Instead of a simple 3 - 5 day head cold, this year it’s knocking everyone for 6 to 10, and just as we think we’re over it and even think of heading out for a run, it bashes us again, just to be sure.

I’ve had 16 days of forced rest, compliments of the flu bug. Hopefully it’s thoroughly bored with me now and will find some other place to lurk – preferably under a rock somewhere so it doesn’t bother anyone else.

There’re 49 days to go before TransAlps. No time for lurgies – every day of training counts!