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Thursday, September 2, 2010

alpine meadows and Ferrero Rocher ice cream

From the cracking dry cold of the Sani Pass, Lesotho, to the sunny skies and lush alpine green of Ruhpolding, Germany, with a brief stopover in Cape Town to throw all our kit in the wash and say g'bye to loved ones, these past four days have been a whirlwind.

The 11 days at the top of Sani Pass was certainly a unique experience. One thing's for sure: from it I learned that bucket-washing's not my thing...  particularly in average daily temps of 5 deg Celcius. I'd have killed for a hot shower.

Once down from Sani Top, I took so long in my first shower that I almost dissolved.

We're now in the scenic town of Ruhpolding, where our race will start on Saturday. It's quiet and quaint, with every second shop a coffee shop or bakery, which suits us just fine.
(This evening's most valuable discovery: Ferrero Rocher icecream. OMG!)

Today we took the cable car up to the top of Rauschberg, Ruhpolding's local peak - not notably high (1645m) but with dramatic panoramic views of more than 600 alpine peaks in the region. It even boasts its own touch of modern art - an enormous metal sculpture of "Adam's Hand" leering from the highest point. A little strange perhaps, but the locals seem to like it. (I'm not sure how well Capetonians would take to the idea of Adam's hand - or Eve's for that matter - waving gayly at the world from the top of Table Mountain...)

My "countdown to TransAlps" widget is starting to give me the jitters - there're less than 36 hours to go before Ryan and I start our TransAlpine Run.

I think I need another cappuccino, quick...


  1. If I'm lucky I'll get to the land of Chocolate and cheese next year, all I can say is you go girls have fun...

  2. Cappuccinos and Ferrero Rocher icecream would do it for me too! Countdown is seriously beginning .... GOOD LUCK to both of you ... tell Ryan to hold on to your poles if he gets tired or you could always hitch up a harness to pull him along :-) Syl x

  3. It looks sooo gorgeous there. And 14 hours to go!!! Will be willing you both loadsa speed up & down those tiny hills! xxxxx A

  4. Good luck and enjoy! Fly the SA flag high!