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Friday, September 3, 2010

Route description of Stage 1 - copied from website

2010 Stage 1: Ruhpolding (GER) – St. Ulrich im Pillerseetal (AUT)
Start:                                  11:00am
Vertical distance: 1223m ascent, 1034m descent
Horizontal distance: 36,30km
Estimated time: ca. 5,0 hours (10 km/hour horizontal, 600 Hm/hour vertical) 
Timelimits: V1 = 2,5 hours, V2 = 4,5 hours, V3 = 5,5 hours    (7 km/hour horizontal, 500 Hm/hour vertical)  

Opening the Gore-Tex® Transalpine-Run 2010, we have this ideally suited starting stage leading across the Chiemgau Alps via the mountain range Steinplatte from Ruhpolding to Waidring in Strub Valley. From there, beautiful hiking paths lead to the idyllically located stage finish in St. Ulrich at Lake Piller located to the west of the Lofer Steinberge. With more than 1200 meters to climb, this stage does not demand exceptional climbing skills, but with a distance of 36 kilometers it’s just short of the regular marathon distance.


  1. Hey Linda and Ryan. Day 1 done and the entire Copola family is anxiously searching for information. We've just read your last entry and you sound upbeat, excited and rearing to go. Keep it up and enjoy that climb. The footage so far looks awesome. Lots of love and health - and of course - a good night's sleep.