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Monday, September 27, 2010

still R&R'ing, but a BIG thanks

After a couple of weeks of very welcome R&R in Italy, Germany and (still) the UK, it's time for one final Trans-Alpine post: a somewhat belated but very heartfelt thank-you to my sponsors.
Salomon and Velocity Sports Lab, you're the greatest - without you Ryan and I would not have had the fantastic experience of running, and racing, the Trans-Alpine Run.

Our Salomon S-Labs carried us safely up, over and down more alpine peaks than we can count, and our kit was as comfortable and light as always. (And one of the many great advantages of Salomon kit: even after hours and hours of running, it's never stinky!)

A big thanks to MULE for all my energy bars - always perfect for ultra distance nourishment (not to mention being completely natural and so delicious!)

Thanks to Oakley for my brilliant pair of Endure shades - the polarized lenses made them ideal for all conditions, from the glare of white snow to the dim light of forest paths. I love 'em!

And to GU for the gels that kept me fuelled through the miles of mountains we covered.

And then, very importantly, an enormous thanks to all the family, friends and followers from around the world who sent us messages of encouragement before and during the race. The bundles of good wishes gave us energy that helped keep us motivated and charging up those mountains at pace!

Thanks to you all - it was a fantastic experience.

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  1. No, the thanks goes to you Linda, we don't all get to run the great races, and when one of us is lucky enough to get to run a great race we just want to hear all about it. And then you end up on the podium, it as if we are there with you, so keep it up, keep the SA flag flying, the Cape Town flag flying. fly it for us trail runners...