get ready for a HOT 2011!

It’s a strange phenomenon, New Year. In our culture we’re programmed to see it as a new start, a time to reflect, look ahead and set goals for the next 12 months.

And yet Jan 1st is really no different from any other of the 364 days in our western calendar. Logically there’s no reason why we should suddenly start doing things differently, turn over new leaves or, in some dire cases, uproot entire trees (figuratively of course) in our need to make a change in our lives. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for us to rather use the start of each day to reassess how we’re progressing towards our goals?

But what the hell, most of us see Jan 1st as rather special anyway. And by the end of January all the unrealistic resolutions have been sifted out and the achievable challenges remain intact, there to keep us on our toes for the rest of the year. So, welcome 2011, and may you bring us all a healthy dose of positive challenges, a generous measure of achievements, and bags of fulfilment in every aspect of our lives.

I’m looking forward to this year. I’ve spiced it with a good few challenges to keep my toes twiddling. The first I’ve chosen is sure to throw me completely out of my comfort zone and have me sprinting for the shade. So, here it is, officially on paper, so to speak:

I’m to be (temporarily) trading the rockhoppin’ rigours of mountain trails for the desolate delights of the desert in a five-day 220km self-sufficient trot through the Namib in the Namib Desert Challenge 2011.

Fun in the sun, as they say – and there’ll be lots of that. Sun, I mean... Temperatures in the Namib at the end of March average in the mid-40’s. And let’s face it, you know it’s pretty damn hot out there when the temperature is higher than your age.
I love the sun...       I love the sun...       I love the sun...
Do I sound convincing?

Who am I kidding? I only love the sun when the temperature’s less than 28 degs! I HATE the heat. I wilt like a delicate flower when the temp’s up. So that’s the challenge I’ve picked. I’ll run in a desert for five days. And just for good measure I’ll do my training at midday between now and then to prepare myself.

And I have the privilege of being sponsored again by VELOCITY SPORTS LAB. A huge thank-you for enabling me to take on a desert. I may not love the sun, but I can’t resist a challenge!

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