tick tock... tick tock...

Just 23 hours and counting before we hit the desert start line.

I’m sitting in Cape Town International with a while til I board the plane, so keeping the Vida guys busy as I load up with enough quality latte’s to see me through the next five days. Anyone keen to set up a Vida franchise in Namibia?

My bag’s been packed, unpacked, re-packed and then emptied out and packed again for good measure. It weighs a ton – I’ll be sweating bricks that the sniffer dogs at Windhoek International are only trained to find cocaine rather than vacuum-packed biltong...
my menu for the next 5 days

The past few days have come with the usual agitation of taper time – smashing in the food while not clocking on the mileage is never good for the psyche, but I was warned that one should get to the start line of a self-sufficient race with a bellyful of kg’s to spare. So I’ve tried my best, and have to admit, I’ve eaten for the week ahead. I think I might have to be helped across the start line.

How am I feeling? Excited, nervous, filled with anticipation, and impatient now to get started. It feels like this race has taken forever to come. Funny to think how time will slow down once the sand’s under the feet, no doubt.

And most of all, I’m thrilled to see the Solomon’s Haven barometer rising so rapidly on the BackaBuddy site – it’s about to hit the R30k mark! Thank-you to everyone who’s donated – I’ve tried to thank each of you personally but yesterday I couldn’t quite keep up, they were coming in thick and fast!

Please spread the word and keep those donations streaming in! http://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/backabuddynamiblinda

Thanks everyone for all the good luck messages! I’ll be clocking out of connectivity now for the next five days, but will update once I’ve survived the desert :-)

Now I'm off to find me some sand...