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Friday, November 11, 2011

T minus 1 and counting down...

Just one more sleep til we touch the Sky. Not that most people's pre-race night involves much sleep - it's more like toss and turn.

If the image above isn't enough to get the butterflies a'fluttering, the adrenalin pumping and the stomach churning, add to it 100km of endless mountains, thin air, dry heat, unmarked route, self-navigation, night running, potential thunderstorms, and +20 hours of hard slog.

And then spice it up with the best parts: running along a Dragon's Back, climbing a Wall, lapping up views across Lesotho, the old Transkei, the eastern Free State and the Eastern Cape all at once, catching a glimpse of the forlorn and neglected ski slopes of Tiffendel, before skidding down Halstone Peak on your butt to the final 4km stretch to the finish.

Welcome to the Sky Run - the best and toughest trail ultra in South Africa!

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  1. hell, that profile is a monster, looks like sky run is quite the challenge to do! the profile makes Comrades look easy :)