moving to the TAR-k side

The silly season can do strange things to the brain...

The brain then asks strange requests of the body…  and then spends the next however-many-months begging the body to co-operate, hold together, and hang in there whilst request is executed.

There’s usually a pattern to this phenomenon:
-       1)  Brain dreams up Goal
-       2)  Brain gets oh-so-excited by Goal
-      3)  Brain works out Plan of Action to achieve Goal
-     4)  Brain informs Body of said POA, and expects Body to fall in line.

Then, if Body likes Goal and agrees with Plan, Brain+Body begin the (sometimes long and often arduous) Journey Towards Achieving Goal.

Eeezy peezy. Just like that.
Well, that’s the theory anyway!

So, in December this brain of mine had a minor brainwave. It then slipped into oh-so-excited mode and before Body could state its case, Brain had committed, the Plan was on paper and the B+B Team began its Journey.

Said Journey:  The Big C 2012
(for those true trailers untainted by tar, in road running speak The Big C is not that unmentionable disease no one likes to think about, but rather a long and rather painful day of running between two cities in KwaZulu Natal...)

Body+Brain have signed a pact, waved a temporary g’bye to the thrill of single track, the exhilaration of steep descents and the slosh of muddy trails, and opted for the mindless monotony of The Long and Winding Road.

This Rockhopper has moved to The TAR-k Side (thanks J, and apologies George Lucas).

I won’t be forsaking trail forever – just for a short period of insanity. My 10th Comrades is calling and I need to heed it.
I’ll be pounding the hot black stuff from now til June 3, and then after that I'll be hitting the soul food again – forever!

So, for now, I’ll pretend to get excited about dodging traffic, inhaling fumes, bumping shoulders with thousands at race starts, and enjoying the luxury of water tables every 3km. And I’ll try and deal with the first black toenails I’ve had in years.

Comrades #10 here I come!