I'm not a natural blogger and I'm no techie. I'm an ultra trail runner by passion, and a journalist by profession - in that order of priority.
In this blog I use the one to talk about the other - my trail thoughts, musings and meanderings about running mountains and trails.
I call it rockhoppin', just because... well... that's what we trail runners love to do!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Time for some soul running

It’s a fact: running too much on the black stuff melts the grey stuff.
(Ok, maybe it’s still in the process of being proven, and the studies aren’t even slightly scientific, but hey, ask any trail runner – they’ll assure you they’re a lot brighter than the tar plodders.)

My reason to think this? Well, since I’ve become a tar tart (albeit temporarily), I’ve suffered Rockhoppin’ blogger’s block. The inspiration to blog has been dulled by the monotony of the surface I’ve been running on, and each day run has become just another day ticked off towards the Comrades goal.


So, for a well-earned and much needed injection of sanity, I’m off to the Eastern Cape to soak up of whole day of uninterrupted, unadulterated soul running in the Addo National Park. The experience will be special – it’ll be wild (literally), it’ll be far (82km) and it’ll be beautiful (it is the African bush veld, after all).

And I’ll come home revitalised and refreshed to face the final two months of black stuff...


  1. burn it up girl, like you always do!
    John T

  2. Running in a national park in Africa must be awesome. The profile looks more scary though. Good luck!
    Derrick, Sweden

  3. All the best Linda! This will certainly revive you.

  4. Don't get flattened by an ostrich... Good luck

    1. Hehe, no Dion, these ostriches only want Leo - I hope!!