A sterling world in miniature

The best thing about having my own blog is that I can write about anything I want. Ninety-nine percent of the time that’s running, but every now and then, something else sneaks in, and this is one of those.

Everyone with a zest for life knows that harnessing that energy and putting it into action is a wonderful thing. Whatever that action is, whether sport, pastime or hobby, it enables exploration, discovery and adventure, liberating growth, joy and progress along a personal journey.

Living the zest for life and making it real is one thing, but capturing the beauty of that zest in dynamic/static movement and form is by no means easy. Many artists think they can, but fall dismally short. They try too hard, and they miss the point – too much shape, colour, noise, fuss. They blow it completely.

But I have a running friend, and a crazy speedster one at that, who is able to capture the beauty and passion of life to the full. He’s a master craftsman known to many in Cape Town and across South Africa for his incredible work, and his professional touch is the beauty and elegance of simplicity.

This blog post is not an advert, but rather my way of sharing what I, and so many others, love about Eric Tollner’s work – each one of his unique creations has a character of its own, and highlights the very essence of living life to the full, and all the ways in which we can!

Every handcrafted piece Eric produces is special – from the rock on which it’s secured, to its meticulous design and careful form. His sculptures are so loved that they’re on trophies, office desks, mantelpieces, bedside-tables, given as awards, gifts or just because their buyers fell head-over-heels in love with the little guys. Every one of the characters are all busy doing what they love to do, and they epitomise Living Life to the Full

There's no way my words can do them justice – here’re some of my favourites, check them out for yourselves:

Gymnasts, paddlers, guitarists, businesspeople, thinkers, swimmers, sharks, divers, pilots, penguins, planes, helicopters...  the list is endless, and Red Earth captures them all. Hop onto Red Earth and enjoy!

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